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My Take On #cardsplaneproblems

Giving credit where credit is due, United Cardinal Bloggers founder and head honcho Daniel Shoptaw Cardinal70 ‏@C70 game up with the Twitter hashtag #cardsplaneproblems. From there it blew up. You all knew Middlebrooksing would get involved (see picture credit Joe Sports Fan).

Middlebrooksing  plane courtesy of Joe Sports Fan

Middlebrooksing plane courtesy of Joe Sports Fan

Cardinals players are playing along with Jon Axford posting pictures, David Freese joking about Imo’s, Joe Kelly having a standoff with Delta or trying to get Adam Wainwright to dance. How could you not love this team?

The following are the tweets I contributed to this phenomenon. They may not all be funny, but oh well:

The Cardinals are still waiting for Holliday’s homerun to land from the Dodgers series so they can take off. #cardsplaneproblems
Fozzie Bear got stuck in security at Lambert. #cardsplaneproblems #WachaWachaWacha
The Cardinals plane is stuck behind the eight ball. #cardsplaneproblems
John Mozeliak’s suitcase full of bow ties caused the plane to be overweight. #cardsplaneproblems
Mike Shannon is trying to drink a few more cold frosty ones before takeoff. #cardsplaneproblems
Freese just realized there’s no Imo’s in Boston #cardsplaneproblems
Cards are waiting for FoxSports 1 to finish post game show. #cardsplaneproblems
DannyMacTV tried to sneak on board. #cardsplaneproblems
Had to wait for ESPN Scorecenter to report the plane was ready for takeoff. #cardsplaneproblems
The phone on the plane broke. #cardsplaneproblems #oldskool
Fredbird took his head off and security was called. #cardsplaneproblems
Kolten Wong slipped. #cardsplaneproblems
The keys for the plane are stuck in Mike Napoli’s beard. #cardsplaneproblems
With Winnipeg in town all Jets are required to stay in St. Louis tonight. #cardsplaneproblems #NHL
Kevin Millar’s wardrobe got spilled on the Tarmac and the pilot was blinded. @IntentionalTalk #cardsplaneproblems
Adam Wainwright decided to give his own motivational speech. #cardsplaneproblems
They can’t find the rally squirrel. #cardsplaneproblems
With all the giraffe pictures on Facebook, everyone thought Joe Kelly was missing. #cardsplaneproblems
The Cardinals are trying to figure what the fox said. #cardsplaneproblems
Shelby Miller dressed in a Michael Wacha costume can’t get thru security. #cardsplaneproblems
Hey @Tsunamy27 Duane Wade called and wants his clothes back. #cardsplaneproblems
Mike Matheny still trying to figure out flight itenerary. #cardsplaneproblems
After @dfreese23 ordered Imo’s they realized they were out if bacon.. #cardsplaneproblems
Michael Wacha took off on an earlier flight. Team can’t get off ground without him. #cardsplaneproblems
Airline just realized Capt Phillips is a boat pilot. #cardsplaneproblems
Some of my favorite ones were done by fellow bloggers; Marilyn Green ‏@Marilyncolor tweeted: The plane tried to run on Yadier Molina. #cardsplaneproblems and Cardinal70 ‏@C70 tweeted: During the regular season, it was the Cubs official plane. So it doesn’t work in October. #cardsplaneproblems
Thank you all for the time of laughter and smile today Cardinals Nation. Go Cardinals!

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