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Rated R Blog

Rated R Blog

I am a former Marine and if you know anything about Marines it’s that our language may not always be the kind you’d want to bring home to your mother.

Guitar Story

Guitar Story

At 48, I have decided to do something that I have been meaning to do ever since I wrote a lyric. Ever since I learned Cat Scratch Fever. I bought a guitar. I thought I would write something out to explain why I did this even though I don’t need to, but I know I […]

My Movember

Well, I did the furlough fuzz, the playoff patch, so why not try this no shave November or Movember thing? What is no shave November you ask? Simply it is the annual tradition when men don’t shave for the entire month of November, growing facial hair in the name of raising awareness of men’s prostate […]

So, My Dad Died

On Saturday May 25th I get a text from my sister saying ‘Just an FYI, dad is dying’. I tell her thanks. I get a text the next day saying ‘Dad passed away this morning’ I say thank u and she asks me if I want to know funeral arrangements and I say please. She […]

I Need a New Family?

Let me start off by saying that I am thankful to God for the broken road I have traveled and I would never trade my wife and son for anyone or anything. People often wonder why they turn out the way they do.  I wonder it quite a bit.  Would things of been different if […]

Trying to be a Courageous Father

My parents were divorced when I was in kindergarten.  I haven’t spoken to my dad since I was in high school.  I know he knew I went in the Marines but other than that I am not sure.  He still owes my Mother and my late Grandparents lots of money in back child support, medical […]

Being Cardinals Red Far Away– Part Two of ‘A Life Bleeding Cardinals Red’

Ok, I was born and raised bleeding Cardinals red.  But what happens to a Cardinals fan when he moves away from St. Louis and has to live in the non-baseball area of Southern California?  Well, he moves back home to Cardinals Nation as soon as he can. On September 5th 1989, I left St. Louis […]

Born Bleeding

When thinking about a blog title, only three titles came to mind for me.  They were Door Opener, Semper Gumby, and Born Bleeding.  I will explain the meaning of each one and the reason I chose Born Bleeding. Door Opener is a reference to my confirmation verse which is Revelation 3:20.  It states :  Behold, […]