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My Movember

Well, I did the furlough fuzz, the playoff patch, so why not try this no shave November or Movember thing? What is no shave November you ask? Simply it is the annual tradition when men don’t shave for the entire month of November, growing facial hair in the name of raising awareness of men’s prostate health, to promote manliness, or just because. Women can also participate by not shaving their legs and/or armpits. Ladies, I recommend you just watch the scruffiness. But to each their own. I am more a fan of Movember. Movember is the international version in which men grow mustaches in the month of November to promote prostate cancer awareness. Movember, however, allows participants to shave their beard and trim their mustache, where No Shave November doesn’t allow shaving of any sort. If you remember the furlough fuzz, my beard doesn’t fully grow in. Also, my face kind of has turns to it and not trimming my mustache would be nearly impossible. I hope that all the men reading this will join me.

My Movember Mustache as of 11/8/13

My Movember Mustache as of 11/8/13

November also contains some very important holidays. None more important to the fabric of this nation then Veteran’s Day. Everyone in the United States of America is either a veteran, related to one, or knows one. I fall in all three categories. For those who do not know I was in the United States Marine Corps from September of 1989 to September of 1993. That includes some time over in the first Gulf War or Operation Desert Shield/Storm. A shout out to all my veteran friends in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard also.

Happy Birthday Marines!

Happy Birthday Marines!

November 10th marks the birthday of The United States Marine Corps. If you know a Marine like myself, wish us a happy birthday. No cards or gifts required. Semper Fi!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am ready to start baking cookies for Christmas. We have started a folder for Christmas card pictures. The first snowflake is in the forecast here in St. Louis. I hope I get a chance to see all of my local friends this holiday season and for the other holidays too. Send me a message for my number. I am never more than a text or a call away.

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