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It’s World Series Time!

I want this hat. Size 7 1/2 please.

I want this hat. Size 7 1/2 please.

Yes the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Los Angeles Dodgers like I predicted as did the Boston Red Sox by beating the Detroit Tigers. Got both of those right. Sorry to all my Tigers fan friends. I wish Jim Leyland the best in his retirement. Remember he was a Cardinals scout before he took your managerial job.

30 other major league teams, cities, and fan bases do not have their team in the World Series. This marks the St. Louis Cardinals 19th World Series. The last time they were here they won it all in 2011. This matchup is a rematch of the 2004 World Series. I was at game four with my wife and some friends and we happily congratulated all of the Boston fans that were there. This year there is no curse, no rally squirrel, just some beards and a battle for the World Series trophy.

The NLCS was a good series. I thought we wouldn’t blow the Dodgers away but we kind of did in game six. That game relaxed me and I enjoyed the evening with friends. I am glad of two things; I don’t have to listen to the terrible TBS announcers anymore and no more Yasiel Puig and his unprofessionalism. Even the bad announcers knew he took forever to get in the batter’s box. I will keep the rest of my comments to myself. Just please, get TBS out of postseason baseball coverage.

Great job by the Boston Red Sox. They basically waited the Detroit Tigers out in those games. Max Scherzer pitched well for the Detroit Tigers, but not good enough. Or should I say long enough. He had too many pitches both times and when they took him out the bullpen gave up two grand slams. That Detroit bullpen has been a question all season.

This World Series prediction has been difficult for me. At the start of October, I predicted the Red Sox to beat the Atlanta Braves in the World Series. And since the Cardinals never played the Braves, the only team I knew could beat us, I will have to go Cardinals in seven but I am hoping six.

The teams are pretty evenly matched. I give the Red Sox the edge in the experienced pitching staff but the Cardinals have kids that have been shown the right way to play by some veterans both on and off the field. Let me go on record by saying that I wish they would have saved Michael Wacha to start game three so he could also pitch game seven, but I am not paid to manage this team so I will support this decision. Heck, Manager Mike Matheny could go with a three man rotation for all I know. On offense, the Red Sox have one of my non-Cardinal favorites in Dustin Pedroia along with David Ortiz. Shane Victorino and Stephen Drew do not scare me. Mike Napoli kind of does though. If he gets hot and can play in St. Louis, we may have trouble with a capital T on our hands. St. Louis is ready for the challenge and with Allen Craig coming back to at least DH they should feel energized. Can Jon Jay/Shane Robinson/whoever plays centerfield provide enough offense? Yes, but just barely.
Please realize Cardinals Nation that we should not take this team for granted. These are some great players and a lot different than the team that won in 2011. I personally hope Yadier Molina had a big offensive series and wins World Series MVP.

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